Commit 4f3da64f authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman

file-pdf-load: Rearrange code slightly to group the font options statements together

parent 389c73d4
...@@ -793,15 +793,14 @@ render_page_to_surface (PopplerPage *page, ...@@ -793,15 +793,14 @@ render_page_to_surface (PopplerPage *page,
if (! antialias) if (! antialias)
{ {
cairo_font_options_t* options = cairo_font_options_create (); cairo_font_options_t *options = cairo_font_options_create ();
cairo_get_font_options (cr, options); cairo_get_font_options (cr, options);
cairo_font_options_set_antialias (options, CAIRO_ANTIALIAS_NONE); cairo_font_options_set_antialias (options, CAIRO_ANTIALIAS_NONE);
cairo_set_font_options (cr, options); cairo_set_font_options (cr, options);
cairo_set_antialias (cr, CAIRO_ANTIALIAS_NONE);
cairo_font_options_destroy (options); cairo_font_options_destroy (options);
cairo_set_antialias (cr, CAIRO_ANTIALIAS_NONE);
} }
poppler_page_render (page, cr); poppler_page_render (page, cr);
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