Commit 4e17291e authored by Alexandre Prokoudine's avatar Alexandre Prokoudine

Mention newly added pass-through layer group mode in NEWS

parent 63b04104
......@@ -47,7 +47,8 @@ Layers and compositing:
- Layer blending color space and compositing color space are
configurable now.
- New layer modes: linear burn, vivid light, linear light, pin light,
hard mix, exclusion, merge, split, luminance (rgb).
hard mix, exclusion, merge, split, luminance (rgb), pass-through
(for layer groups only).
- Make erase mode an ordinary layer/paint mode.
- Better performance of HSV-based layer modes.
- Rename "Color (HSV)" mode to "Color (HSL)" to indicate the actual
......@@ -204,7 +205,8 @@ File Formats:
- Handle linear gamma PNG files correctly, provide a combo box for
specifying PNG bit depth / variant at exporting time.
- Add support for linear burn, linear light, vivid light, pin light,
and hard mix layer modes in PSD (importing and exporting).
hard mix, and pass-through layer modes in PSD (importing and
- Load PSD files with layers which contain additional information
with a length that is not divisible by 4.
- Add support to import/export layer color tags from/to PSD files.
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