Commit 49b4b1a5 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

libgimpbase: fix declaration after statement and reset safecheck...

... after each successful read().
I completely missed this declaration after a statement during the review
of !13 even though I saw another similar issue!

Also let's reset the error counter to 0 each time a successful read()
happens so that we can continue reading even if a lot of EINTR were to
happen, as long as we globally go forward. Only consecutive errors
increment the counter.

Finally add a small comment to explain why we let EINTR pass instead of
breaking directly.
parent 559d9b89
......@@ -1185,8 +1185,10 @@ gimp_stack_trace_print (const gchar *prog_name,
DWORD tid = GetCurrentThreadId ();
#elif defined(PLATFORM_OSX)
uint64 tid64;
long tid;
pthread_threadid_np (NULL, &tid64);
long tid = (long)tid64;
tid = (long) tid64;
#elif defined(SYS_gettid)
long tid = syscall (SYS_gettid);
#elif defined(HAVE_THR_SELF)
......@@ -1284,6 +1286,13 @@ gimp_stack_trace_print (const gchar *prog_name,
if (read_n < 0)
/* LLDB on macOS seems to trigger a few EINTR error (see
* !13), though read() finally ends up working later. So
* let's not make this error fatal, and instead try again.
* Yet to avoid infinite loop (in case the error really
* happens at every call), we abandon after a few
* consecutive errors.
if (errno == EINTR && eintr_count <= 5)
......@@ -1291,6 +1300,7 @@ gimp_stack_trace_print (const gchar *prog_name,
eintr_count = 0;
if (! stack_printed)
#if defined(G_OS_WIN32) || defined(SYS_gettid) || defined(HAVE_THR_SELF)
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