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NEWS: still keeping the NEWS up-to-date.

parent 4df282a6
......@@ -22,6 +22,17 @@ Core:
- Make the selection boundary detection the same as 2.8.
- "Link brush size with canvas zoom" paint option becomes "Lock brush
to view" to make a brush invariant in display space whichever
scaling, rotation, and reflection.
- Blend tool now displays the line length (in current shell unit and
with ideal digit accuracy) and angle in the status bar.
- Constrain line angles in display space: all tools which have a line
constraint feature (for instance blend tool, paint tools in line
mode, etc.) will now do so relatively to the display, allowing you
to rotate the canvas in order to constrain to any arbitrary angle.
- Screenshot with the generic Freedesktop API has been implemented. It
......@@ -29,7 +40,9 @@ Plug-ins:
to get reasonable features first. Therefore currently GNOME/KDE and
X11 implementations still have priority.
- Fix various vulnerabilities in file plug-ins: GBR (CVE-2017-17784),
PSP (CVE-2017-17787 and CVE-2017-17789), TGA (CVE-2017-17786).
PSP (CVE-2017-17787 and CVE-2017-17789), TGA (CVE-2017-17786) and
FLI (CVE-2017-17785).
- Fix WebP export under Windows.
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