Commit 3ebda874 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: in GimpTransformGridTool, remove flip-tool hack

The flip tool is not a subclass of GimpTransformGridTool; this is
a leftover from GimpTransformTool.
parent 92105990
......@@ -370,13 +370,6 @@ gimp_transform_grid_tool_button_release (GimpTool *tool,
if (release_type != GIMP_BUTTON_RELEASE_CANCEL)
/* This hack is to perform the flip immediately with the flip tool */
if (! tg_tool->widget)
gimp_transform_grid_tool_response (NULL, GTK_RESPONSE_OK, tg_tool);
/* We're done with an interaction, save it on the undo list */
gimp_transform_grid_tool_push_internal_undo (tg_tool);
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