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......@@ -33,6 +33,21 @@ down in a debugger (for instance GDB), by running GIMP with:
> gimp-2.9 --g-fatal-warnings
Note that if all you want is a stacktrace, it is not necessary anymore
to use a debugger and --g-fatal-warnings. In Preferences > Debugging,
make sure that all type of errors are debugged, and that you have either
gdb or lldb installed. Then a graphical dialog will automatically appear
upon encountering any WARNING or CRITICAL with backtraces and variable
Alternatively running GIMP with the CLI option --stack-trace-mode to
values "query" or "always" will output a stacktrace too on terminal.
But this happens only for crashes, so it still requires to use
--g-fatal-warnings for WARNINGs and CRITICALs.
Note: on Windows, even the debugging GUI happens only for crashes and
requires that you built with Dr. Mingw dependency.
## Debugging GEGL code ##
You may encounter this kind of warning upon exiting GIMP:
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