Commit 24ff9585 authored by Ionutz Borcoman's avatar Ionutz Borcoman Committed by Michael Natterer

Bug 583778 - change script-fu-server to return the output of executed...

Return the output of the command for the client to parse instead of
always a useless "Success".
parent b234f5f8
......@@ -228,6 +228,7 @@ script_fu_server_run (const gchar *name,
run_mode = params[0].data.d_int32;
ts_set_run_mode (run_mode);
ts_set_print_flag (1);
switch (run_mode)
......@@ -554,13 +555,15 @@ execute_command (SFCommand *cmd)
if (ts_interpret_string (cmd->command) != 0)
error = TRUE;
server_log ("%s\n", response->str);
error = FALSE;
g_string_assign (response, ts_get_success_msg ());
if (response->len == 0)
g_string_assign (response, ts_get_success_msg ());
time (&clock2);
server_log ("Request #%d processed in %f seconds, finishing on %s",
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