Commit 22892995 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

Revert "Bug 780270 - MinGW build fail on Windows, wrong definition in..."

This reverts commit 2226fb1d.
It doesn't make much difference right now, will work the same on
native builds and be broken on cross-builds.
I need to fix how invert-svg is built (broken on commit 84439a87),
so that it is a build executable again. Work in progress.
But since it makes no difference right now, let's just revert this
one already.
parent 758836e4
......@@ -32,13 +32,13 @@ scalable/gimp-color-picker-white.svg: $(top_builddir)/icons/Symbolic/scalable/gi
mkdir -p scalable && $(top_builddir)/tools/invert-svg $< $@
# Rule for all other scalable icons.
scalable/%.svg: ../Symbolic/scalable/%.svg $(top_builddir)/tools/invert-svg$(EXEEXT)
scalable/%.svg: ../Symbolic/scalable/%.svg $(top_builddir)/tools/invert-svg$(BUILD_EXEEXT)
mkdir -p scalable && \
$(top_builddir)/tools/invert-svg$(EXEEXT) $< $@
$(top_builddir)/tools/invert-svg$(BUILD_EXEEXT) $< $@
24/%.svg: $(top_srcdir)/icons/Symbolic/24/%.svg $(top_builddir)/tools/invert-svg$(EXEEXT)
24/%.svg: $(top_srcdir)/icons/Symbolic/24/%.svg $(top_builddir)/tools/invert-svg$(BUILD_EXEEXT)
mkdir -p 24 && \
$(top_builddir)/tools/invert-svg$(EXEEXT) $< $@
$(top_builddir)/tools/invert-svg$(BUILD_EXEEXT) $< $@
# We are basically repeating the same rule for every subdirectory, which
# is very dirty. But this is the only way we found to have a rule
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