Commit 190fc5be authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

app: gimp_drawable_merge_filter(): remember the aux input in the undo step

Which means that now all color operations and gegl filters can be
modified with Edit->Fade. Poor hackers's nondestructive editing :)
parent 457299f1
......@@ -23,13 +23,16 @@
#include "core-types.h"
#include "gegl/gimpapplicator.h"
#include "gegl/gimp-gegl-apply-operation.h"
#include "gimpdrawable.h"
#include "gimpdrawable-filter.h"
#include "gimpdrawable-private.h"
#include "gimpdrawableundo.h"
#include "gimpfilter.h"
#include "gimpfilterstack.h"
#include "gimpimage-undo.h"
#include "gimpprogress.h"
......@@ -92,16 +95,53 @@ gimp_drawable_merge_filter (GimpDrawable *drawable,
&rect.x, &rect.y,
&rect.width, &rect.height))
GimpApplicator *applicator;
GeglBuffer *buffer;
GeglNode *node;
GeglNode *src_node;
gimp_drawable_push_undo (drawable, undo_desc, NULL,
rect.x, rect.y,
rect.width, rect.height);
gimp_gegl_apply_operation (gimp_drawable_get_buffer (drawable),
node = gimp_filter_get_node (filter);
buffer = gimp_drawable_get_buffer (drawable);
src_node = gegl_node_new_child (NULL,
"operation", "gegl:buffer-source",
"buffer", buffer,
gegl_node_connect_to (src_node, "output",
node, "input");
applicator = gimp_filter_get_applicator (filter);
if (applicator)
GimpImage *image = gimp_item_get_image (GIMP_ITEM (drawable));
GimpDrawableUndo *undo;
undo = GIMP_DRAWABLE_UNDO (gimp_image_undo_get_fadeable (image));
if (undo)
undo->paint_mode = applicator->paint_mode;
undo->opacity = applicator->opacity;
undo->applied_buffer =
gimp_applicator_dup_apply_buffer (applicator, &rect);
gimp_gegl_apply_operation (NULL,
progress, undo_desc,
gimp_filter_get_node (filter),
gimp_drawable_get_buffer (drawable),
g_object_unref (src_node);
gimp_drawable_update (drawable,
rect.x, rect.y,
rect.width, rect.height);
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