Commit 188fd773 authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

app: make sure the active tool options get saved in devicerc

gimp_devices_save(): call gimp_device_info_save_tool() on the current
parent 1b858eb4
......@@ -174,6 +174,15 @@ gimp_devices_save (Gimp *gimp,
if (gimp->be_verbose)
g_print ("Writing '%s'\n", gimp_file_get_utf8_name (file));
if (! GIMP_GUI_CONFIG (gimp->config)->devices_share_tool)
GimpDeviceInfo *current_device;
current_device = gimp_device_manager_get_current_device (manager);
gimp_device_info_save_tool (current_device);
if (! gimp_config_serialize_to_gfile (GIMP_CONFIG (manager),
"GIMP devicerc",
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