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desktop: make the <release> tag texts translatable.

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......@@ -119,22 +119,23 @@
<release version="2.9.8" date="2017-12-12" type="development">
<p>Newly released GIMP 2.9.8 introduces on-canvas gradient
<_p>GIMP 2.9.8 introduces on-canvas gradient
editing and various enhancements while focusing on bugfixing
and stability.</p>
and stability.</_p>
<li>On-canvas gradient editing</li>
<li>Notification when an image is over/underexposed</li>
<li>Better and faster color management</li>
<li>Support for color picker and screenshots in Wayland on KDE Plasma</li>
<li>Paste in place feature</li>
<li>Many usability improvements</li>
<li>Manual can be displayed in the user's preferred language</li>
<li>Improvements for the Wavelet Decompose filter</li>
<li>Improved compatibility with Photoshop .psd files,
password-protected PDF support added and new support of HGT format</li>
<_li>On-canvas gradient editing</_li>
<_li>Notification when an image is over/underexposed</_li>
<_li>Better and faster color management</_li>
<_li>Support for color picker and screenshots in Wayland on KDE Plasma</_li>
<_li>Paste in place feature</_li>
<_li>Many usability improvements</_li>
<_li>Manual can be displayed in the user's preferred language</_li>
<_li>Improvements for the Wavelet Decompose filter</_li>
<_li>Improved compatibility with Photoshop .psd files</_li>
<_li>New support for password-protected PDF</_li>
<_li>New support for HGT format (Digital Elevation Model data)</_li>
<p>For more information, see</p>
<_p>For more information, see</_p>
<release version="2.9.6" date="2017-08-24" type="development" />
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