Commit 1339b5cd authored by Sven Neumann's avatar Sven Neumann

script-fu: remove dead code

Remove commented-out code that caused a false positive when
searching for deprecated GLib symbols.
parent 8c49ecb2
......@@ -251,16 +251,8 @@ pointer foreign_time(scheme *sc, pointer args)
if (args != sc->NIL)
return sc->F;
#if 1
now_tm = localtime(&now);
GTime time;
GDate date;
g_date_set_time(&date, &now);
g_date_to_struct_tm(&now, &now_tm);
ret = sc->vptr->cons(sc, sc->vptr->mk_integer(sc,(long) now_tm->tm_year),
sc->vptr->cons(sc, sc->vptr->mk_integer(sc,(long) now_tm->tm_mon),
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