Commit 105ffc78 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: don't chunk update area when rendering projection synchronously

Add a boolean "chunk" parameter to
gimp_projection_chunk_render_iteration(), which determines whether
the work area should be sub-divided into chunks prior to rendering
(previously, the work area would always be sub-divided.)  Only
pass TRUE when rendering the projection asynchronously, in the
render callback, and pass FALSE when rendering the projection
synchronously, in gimp_projection_finish_draw(), which is called
when flushing the projection through the GimpPickable interface.

Rendering the projection using as big chunks as possible improves
performance, while worsening responsiveness.  Since responsiveness
doesn't matter when rendering synchronously, there's no reason to
render in chunks.
parent b8d4ab48
......@@ -162,7 +162,8 @@ static void gimp_projection_chunk_render_start (GimpProjection *proj)
static void gimp_projection_chunk_render_stop (GimpProjection *proj);
static gboolean gimp_projection_chunk_render_callback (gpointer data);
static void gimp_projection_chunk_render_init (GimpProjection *proj);
static gboolean gimp_projection_chunk_render_iteration(GimpProjection *proj);
static gboolean gimp_projection_chunk_render_iteration(GimpProjection *proj,
gboolean chunk);
static gboolean gimp_projection_chunk_render_next_area(GimpProjection *proj);
static void gimp_projection_paint_area (GimpProjection *proj,
gboolean now,
......@@ -650,7 +651,7 @@ gimp_projection_finish_draw (GimpProjection *proj)
gimp_projectable_begin_render (proj->priv->projectable);
while (gimp_projection_chunk_render_iteration (proj));
while (gimp_projection_chunk_render_iteration (proj, FALSE));
gimp_projectable_end_render (proj->priv->projectable);
......@@ -819,7 +820,7 @@ gimp_projection_chunk_render_callback (gpointer data)
if (! gimp_projection_chunk_render_iteration (proj))
if (! gimp_projection_chunk_render_iteration (proj, TRUE))
gimp_projection_chunk_render_stop (proj);
......@@ -907,7 +908,8 @@ gimp_projection_chunk_render_init (GimpProjection *proj)
* operations. -- Adam
static gboolean
gimp_projection_chunk_render_iteration (GimpProjection *proj)
gimp_projection_chunk_render_iteration (GimpProjection *proj,
gboolean chunk)
GimpProjectionChunkRender *chunk_render = &proj->priv->chunk_render;
gint work_x = chunk_render->work_x;
......@@ -915,11 +917,14 @@ gimp_projection_chunk_render_iteration (GimpProjection *proj)
gint work_w;
gint work_h;
chunk_render->x + chunk_render->width - work_x);
work_w = chunk_render->x + chunk_render->width - work_x;
work_h = chunk_render->y + chunk_render->height - work_y;
chunk_render->y + chunk_render->height - work_y);
if (chunk)
if (chunk || work_x != chunk_render->x)
gimp_projection_paint_area (proj, TRUE /* sic! */,
work_x, work_y, work_w, work_h);
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