Commit 0f29e670 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

INSTALL: add some information about PKG_CONFIG_PATH for mypaint-brushes.

I didn't think I'd have to be this detailed, but it appears a lot of
people were not aware that data package .pc files would end up under
share/pkgconfig/ (and not lib/) and have problems with installing this
new "mypaint-brushes" dependency. Hopefully this will be enough.
parent 1ce878ef
......@@ -93,6 +93,12 @@ header files installed.
particular tag "v1.3.0". In particular do not install from master
which installs brushes incompatible with GIMP.
Also this is a data packages and therefore it will install the
pkg-config file inside `$PREFIX/share/pkgconfig/`. If you install
mypaint-brushes from repository in a non-standard prefix, you will
have to make sure your $PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable also
lists `$PREFIX/share/pkgconfig/`.
11. You may want to install other third party libraries or programs
that are needed for some of the available plug-ins. We recommend
to check that the following libraries are installed: libjasper,
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