Commit 08294f9e authored by Ell's avatar Ell

Issue #1602 - Numeric selection size wrong after switching tools

In GimpToolRectangle, call gimp_tool_rectangle_update_options()
when the "[xy][12]" properties change, so that the "x", "y",
"width", and "height" properties are updated accordingly.

In particular, we set these properties when committing an empty
rectangle select tool, to init the rectangle to the current
selection bounds, and this call is necessary so that the "x", "y",
"width", and "height" tool options are properly updated as well.

(cherry picked from commit 47b7e7be)
parent 1a14f7e8
......@@ -1069,6 +1069,8 @@ gimp_tool_rectangle_notify (GObject *object,
! strcmp (pspec->name, "y2"))
gimp_tool_rectangle_update_int_rect (rectangle);
gimp_tool_rectangle_update_options (rectangle);
else if (! strcmp (pspec->name, "x") &&
! PIXEL_FEQUAL (private->x1, private->x))
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