Commit 047d31fa authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

app: gimp_drawable_transform: place new the tiles at offset_x, offset_y

and not at offset_y, offset_y (typo).
parent 647f0ada
...@@ -690,7 +690,7 @@ gimp_drawable_transform (GimpItem *item, ...@@ -690,7 +690,7 @@ gimp_drawable_transform (GimpItem *item,
if (tiles) if (tiles)
{ {
gimp_drawable_transform_paste (drawable, tiles, gimp_drawable_transform_paste (drawable, tiles,
new_off_y, new_off_y, FALSE); new_off_x, new_off_y, FALSE);
tile_manager_unref (tiles); tile_manager_unref (tiles);
} }
} }
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