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    file-jpeg: Fix the copyright and license notices of jpeg-icc.* · 5dcee9ad
    Debarshi Ray authored
    This code was originally written by Thomas G. Lane and Todd Newman,
    and proposed for inclusion in the Independent JPEG Group's software.
    However, that fell through when Tom left the IJG. It was not written by
    Marti Maria - Little cms only had a copy of that code.
    This code has recently been merged into libjpeg-turbo, so it seems
    reasonable to now consider libjpeg-turbo as the canonical source of
    these files. However, since the GIMP carries the original version of
    the code proposed for IJG's JPEG, and doesn't contain any of the more
    recent and minor tweaks made during its inclusion in libjpeg-turbo,
    only the original copyright holders (ie., Thomas G. Lane and Todd
    Newman) are mentioned.
    The relevant license text was lifted from the Independent JPEG Group's
    software, similar to the way it's done in Chromium and other users of
    this code.