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    app: add gimp_drawable_{start,end,flush}_paint() · ce9ca03e
    Ell authored
    gimp_drawable_start/end_paint() are used to enter/exit paint mode
    for a given drawable.  While the drawable is in paint mode,
    gimp_drawable_get_buffer() returns a copy of the real drawable's
    buffer, referred to as the paint buffer, so that modifications to
    the returned buffer don't immediately affect the projection, and
    calls to gimp_drawable_update() queue the updated region, instead
    of emitting an "update" signal.
    gimp_drawable_flush_paint() can be called while the drawable is in
    paint mode, in order to copy the updated region of the paint buffer
    back to the drawable's real buffer, and to emit "update" signals
    for the queued region.
    We use these functions in the next commit, to move painting to a
    separate thread in the paint tools.
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