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    libgimpwidgets/gimpintcombobox.[ch] libgimpwidgets/gimppageselector.[ch] · b614bf5e
    Sven Neumann authored
    2006-01-25  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
    	* libgimpwidgets/gimpintcombobox.[ch]
    	* libgimpwidgets/gimppageselector.[ch]
    	* libgimpwidgets/gimpzoommodel.[ch]: added a priv pointer to the
    	instance struct and changed the GET_PRIVATE() macro to access the
    	private data via that pointer.
    	* libgimpwidgets/gimpscrolledpreview.[ch]
    	* libgimpwidgets/gimpwidgets.def: added a priv pointer to the
    	instance struct and moved all private data to the
    	GimpScrolledPreviewPrivate struct. Added freeze/thaw methods so
    	that derived widgets can be implemented without accessing private
    	* libgimp/gimpzoompreview.c: changed accordingly.
    	* libgimp/gimpfontselectbutton.[ch]: let the priv pointer be an
    	anonymous void pointer.
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