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    libgimp: add a GimpPDB class and subclass GimpProcedure as GimpPDBProcedure · 450a9f90
    Michael Natterer authored
    The idea is that we already have a GimpProcedure object in libgimp
    which has name, help, blurb, arguments, return values and everything,
    so we really don't need a parallel API to query PDB procedures for
    their properties.
    - make run() a virtual function of GimpProcedure
    - move GIMP_PDB_ERROR to GimpPDB
    - GimpPDBProcedure is a trivial subblass which populates
      GimpProcedure's members by querying the PDB.
    - make "plug-in", "procedure-type" and "name" construct-only
      properties of GimpProcedure.
    This is all work in progress.
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