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    libgimp: improve handling of procedure default values a lot · 45e96a0f
    Michael Natterer authored
    Add internal GimpProcedureConfig API to load/save "default values"
    which are to be treated as if they were the hardcoded GParamSpec
    defaults, but user-configurable. Also make all other load/save
    functions available to other libgimp files.
    In gimp_procedure_run(), if incomplete arguments are passed, don't
    just complete them with the GParamSpec defaults, but look up the
    user-saved defaults and use them if they exist. This happens before
    everything else and brings back the PNG export feature of using
    user-saved defaults also in non-interactive mode (but for all
    procedures not just PNG export).
    In GimpProcedureDialog, add "Load Defaults" and "Save Defaults"
    buttons, they are the only way of managing the user-configurable
    procedure defaults.
    When clicking "Reset", show a popover with the reset options "Initial
    Values" and "Factory Defaults".
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