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    Fixed a 1.2 -> 2.0 regression that was forgotten: · 40229803
    Michael Natterer authored
    2004-06-30  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	Fixed a 1.2 -> 2.0 regression that was forgotten:
    	* app/widgets/widgets-enums.[ch]: added enum GimpColorPickState
    	which can be one of { NEW, UPDATE }.
    	* app/widgets/gimppaletteeditor.[ch]: changed #if 0'ed function
    	gimp_palette_editor_update_color() to
    	gimp_palette_editor_pick_color() and restored the functionality of
    	creating/updating colors via this API
    	Changed button_press handler to only edit the color on double
    	click if it's really a double click on the same color.
    	Fixes bug #141381.
    	* app/tools/gimpcolorpickeroptions.[ch]: added boolean property
    	"add-to-palette" and a GUI for it.
    	* app/core/gimpmarshal.list
    	* app/tools/gimpcolortool.[ch]: added a GimpColorPickState
    	parameter to the "color_picked" signal. Pass NEW on button_press
    	and UPDATE on motion.
    	* app/tools/gimpcurvestool.c (gimp_curves_tool_color_picked)
    	* app/tools/gimplevelstool.c (gimp_levels_tool_color_picked)
    	* app/tools/gimppainttool.c (gimp_paint_tool_color_picked):
    	changed accordingly
    	* app/tools/gimpcolorpickertool.c (gimp_color_picker_tool_picked):
    	If "add-to-palette" is TRUE, get the palette editor and call
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