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    app: add gimp_data_factory_data_cancel() · 6bc0b3b8
    Ell authored
    Add a new GimpData::data_cancel() virtual function, and a
    corresponding gimp_data_factory_data_cancel() function.  This
    function should cancel any ongoing async operations related to the
    factory (i.e., included in its async set), and wait for the
    operations to finish.  Provide a default implementation that simply
    cancels and waits on the factory's async set.
    Use this function to cancel any ongoing operations during factory
    destruction, and in gimp_data_factory_data_free().
    Override this function in GimpFontFactory, for which we can't
    really cancel font loading, and simply cancel and clear the
    factory's async set without waiting for loading to finish, making
    sure that nothing happens (and, in particular, that the factory
    isn't being accessed, since it might be already dead) when loading
    does finish.
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