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    plug-ins: differentiate a delay before the area/window selection... · b57c89dd
    Jehan authored
    ... and a delay before the screenshot.
    Until now, there was only delay before selection, which I changed in
    commits d9cd4b61 and 614bcf6d. Actually a delay before selection may
    also be useful, for instance when you use a tablet without keyboard (no
    alt-tab possible) and the window/area you wish to capture is behind GIMP
    window. Then you'd want to interact with the desktop with the pointer
    before the cursor changes for selection interaction.
    I add some logics so that the selection delay doesn't show when it is
    unecessary (for instance for full-screen screenshot, or when the window
    screenshot is based on the active window, not click selection, like with
    GNOME shell API).
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