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    Upgraded to libtool 1.2b · ab0f6afc
    Manish Singh authored
    * Upgraded to libtool 1.2b
    * Reversioned libgimp to use gtk-style without a funky soname
    * configure.in: craft GLIB_CFLAGS and GLIB_LIBS
    * Makefile.am (pretty much all of em): changed to use new library
    naming scheme. Only link libgimpui and libgtk et al to the plugins
    that actually need them.
    * app/gimage_cmds.c: corrected typo that resulted in corrupt PDB
    * libgimp/gimp.h
    * libgimp/gimpwire.h
    * libgimp/gimpmenu.[ch]: clean up the callback code
    * Removed unecessary inclusion of gtk headers for plugins that
    don't use em
    * plug-ins/zealouscrop/zealouscrop.c: use gint8 instead of gboolean,
    save some mem
    * plugged some warnings in animationplay, flame, fp, gee, gfig
    * gimptool.in: changes for library reversioning, added --nogimpui
    option for not linking in libgimpui
    * configure.in: added finnish translation
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