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    add pixmaps/dropper.xpm to EXTRA_DIST · 374e55bc
    Manish Singh authored
    * Makefile.am: add pixmaps/dropper.xpm to EXTRA_DIST
    * app/appenv.h: minor formatting changes
    * app/channel.c: #include "gdisplay.h"
    * app/color_transfer.c
    * app/dodgeburn.c
    * app/gdisplay.c
    * app/iscissors.c
    * app/paint_core.c: remove extra SQR and ROUND definitions
    * app/flip_tool.c: hackaround the flip tool options constant problem
    * app/flip_tool.[ch]: use InternalOrientationType for flip_tool_flip
    * app/interface.c: use GTK_LABEL case in gtk_label_set_justify
    * plug-ins/common/mkgen.pl
    * plug-ins/common/plugin-defs.pl: add @extra EXTRA_DIST processing
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