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    changed the "parent context" implementation: · b74d2569
    Michael Natterer authored
    1999-10-19  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	* gimpcontext.[ch]: changed the "parent context" implementation:
    	- Automatically connect/disconnect the "*_changed" signals when
    	  changing the parent and when setting the "defined" flag of the
    	- Store the former *_defined booleans in a single guint32.
    	- Added generic functions to set the "defined" flags of the
    	  attributes and to copy attributes between contexts.
    	The contexts now correctly handle disappearing images and
    	displays, so we don't have to explicitly reset them any more.
    	* context_manager.[ch]: adopted to the changed context
    	implementation, connect to the user context's "tool_changed"
    	signal to switch the per-tool contexts, don't connect to the
    	"removed" signal of the image context.
    	* brush_select.c
    	* tool_options.c: use LayerModeEffects instead of int when calling
    	* gdisplay.c: no need to reset the active display when deleting it
    	because the context connects to the "destroy" signal of the shell
    	* menus.c: a shortcut for the navigation window. Moved
    	<Image>/Image/Colors/Desaturate before the separator.
    	* tools.c: tools_select(): set the active tool of the user context
    	instead of calling a special context manager function.
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