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    Issue #2224 - Use the "Swap folder" setting for the GEGL cache · a29f73bd
    Michael Natterer authored
    Move swap/cache and temporary files out the GIMP user config dir:
    libgimpbase: add gimp_cache_directory() and gimp_temp_directory()
    which return the new default values inside XDG_CACHE_HOME and the
    system temp directory. Like all directories from gimpenv.[ch] the
    values can be overridden by environment variables. Improve API docs
    for all functions returning directories.
    Add new config file substitutions ${gimp_cache_dir} and
    Document all the new stuff in the gimp and gimprc manpages.
    app: default "swap-path" and "temp-path" to the new config file
    substitutions. On startup and config changes, make sure that the swap
    and temp directories actually exist.
    In the preferences dialog, add reset buttons to all file path pages.
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