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    Stop leaking properties of the distcheck machine into the tarball · 452b1bd5
    Michael Natterer authored
    Some gimprc properties' default values depend on the machine where
    "make dist" in run. We had an ugly hack in place to force
    (num-processors 1) in the installed system gimprc and its manpage, but
    were still leaking "tile-cache-size" and "mypaint-brush-path".
    The files are generated by the hidden options --dump-gimprc-system
    and --dump-gimprc-manpage which exist only for this purpose.
    In gimpconfig-dump.c, special case the three properties in
    dump_gimprc_system() and dump_gimprc_manpage() to output constant
    default values for "num-processors" and "tile-cache-size" and
    output @mypaint_brushes_dir@ in "mypaint-brush-path" which can
    be replaced at configure time.
    Also introduce etc/gimprc.in so @mypaint_brushes_dir@ can actually be
    substituted for the installed system gimprc.
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