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    app: add GimpTileHandlerValidate::{begin,end}_validate() vfuncs · 5a623fc5
    Ell authored
    Add begin_validate() and end_validate() virtual functions, and
    corresponding free functions, to GimpTileHandlerValidate.  These
    functions are called before/after validation happens, and should
    perform any necessary steps to prepare for validation.  The default
    implementation suspends validation on tile access, so that the
    assigned buffer may be accessed without causing validation.
    Implement the new functions in GimpTileHandlerProjectable, by
    calling gimp_projectable_begin_render() and
    gimp_projectable_end_render(), respectively, instead of calling
    these functions in the ::validate() implementation (which, in turn,
    allows us to use the default ::validate() implementation.)
    In GimpProjection, use the new functions in place of
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