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    Overhaul of pixmap brushes and pipes: No separate pixmap pipe · 868bdfff
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    brush tool any longer. The paintbrush, airbrush and pencil
    tools, which already knew how to handle the single-pixmap
    brushes now also handle the pipes as well.
    * app/pixmapbrush.{h,c}
    * app/gimpbrushpixmap.{h,c}: Removed these files.
    * app/Makefile.am
    * app/makefile.{cygwin,msc}: Remove from here, too.
    * app/gimpbrushpipe.{h,c}: Total overhaul.
    * app/paint_core.h
    * app/apptypes.h: Some more types moved to apptypes.h
    * app/context_manager.c
    * app/tool_options.c
    * app/tools.c
    * app/toolsF.h: Remove PIXMAPBRUSH tool.
    * app/gimpbrush.h: New method: select_brush. Used to change the
    brush in paint_core, for pipe brushes.
    * app/gimpbrush.c: Add gimp_brush_select_brush, which is dummy for
    the normal brushes (returns the same brush).
    * app/paint_core.c: Call the brush's select_brush method to get a
    potential new brush before calling the paint_func.
    * app/gimpbrushlist.c: Various changes related to the pixmap and
    pipe overhaul.
    * app/airbrush.c
    * app/pencil.c: Reorder code a bit in the tool motion function to
    avoid executing unnecessary code in the case of a pixmap brush.
    Other changes in the same commit:
    * app/install.c: Make quote_spaces extern.
    * app/appenv.h: Declare it.
    * libgimp/gimpui.def: Add missing entry points.
    * libgimp/makefile.{cygwin,msc}: Add missing objects to gimpui.
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