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    Bug 749902 - Add Hue-Chroma operation/tool and LCH color selector · 2b167d63
    Michael Natterer authored
    Add LCH to the color selectors, patch by Elle Stone and myself.
    - Extend enum GimpColorSelectorChannel by LCH channels
    - Support them in GimpColorScale, GimpColorScales and GimpColorSelect
    - Did not yet remove the HSV channels until things are working 100% ok
    - Change drawing in GimpColorSelect to be much faster, to compensate
      for babl_process() making the LCH modes pretty slow
    - Clean up stuff in GimpColorSelect
    This is WIP and should not be considered finished, biggest TODO is
    displaying out-of-gamut values in GimpColorScales' spinbuttons.
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