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    Bug 668016 - Accidentally clicking ruler loses active tool's state · 7889ec08
    Michael Natterer authored
    Add two new tools, GimpGuideTool and GimpSamplePointTool. They are
    one-trick-ponies and can only create new or move existing guides and
    sample points. They can't be selected from the toolbox, only
    temporarily pushed as active tools on top of any active tool using
    their public start() APIs.
    Use that API to enable them when the rulers are clicked, and replace
    the entire guide and sample point moving code in GimpMoveTool and
    GimpColorTool by simple calls to that API.
    This might look like overkill but can easily be used for other
    features like moving guides from within the paint tools (mirror
    painting) or gegl filters (preview curtain).