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    This is the start of wrapping much more of the GIMP API in Python. It's · cbd3a193
    Manish Singh authored
    2006-07-19  Manish Singh  <yosh@gimp.org>
            This is the start of wrapping much more of the GIMP API in Python.
            It's not complete yet, some things are broken.
            * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpcolormodule.c
            * plug-ins/pygimp/pygimpcolor.h
            * plug-ins/pygimp/pygimpcolor-api.h
            * plug-ins/pygimp/pygimp-colors.c: wrapped GimpHSV, GimpHSL, and
            GimpCMYK. Fleshed out a bit more of GimpRGB as well. Made the API
            exportable to other modules.
            * plug-ins/pygimp/pygimp-rgb.c: removed, subsumed into
            * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpmodule.c
            * plug-ins/pygimp/pygimp-drawable.c
            * plug-ins/pygimp/pygimp-pdb.c: PDB calls receive and create
            gimpcolor.RGB objects now.
            * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpmodule.c
            * plug-ins/pygimp/pygimp-api.h: export pygimp_drawable_new.
            * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpcolor-types.defs
            * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpenums-types.defs
            * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpui.defs
            * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpui.override
            * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpuimodule.c: new module for GIMP UI widget
            * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpui.py
            * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpfu.py: use some of the new widgets.
            * plug-ins/pygimp/Makefile.am: hook all the above into the build
            * plug-ins/pygimp/plug-ins/palette-sort.py: use new color API.
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