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    enums: run gimp-mkenums from the build dir · 5bcde32c
    Ell authored
    Commit 1e6acbd4 modified the
    generated enum recipes to run gimp-mkenums from the source
    directory, instead of the build directory, so that only the
    basenames of the corresponding header files would appear in
    the comment at the top of the generated files.  This was a
    mistake -- $(GIMP_MKENUMS) is expecting to be invoked from the
    build directory.
    Switch back to running gimp-mkenums from the build directory.  To
    avoid including the relative path from the build directory to the
    source directory in the generated file, add a @basename@ production
    variable to gimp-mkenums, which exapnds to the basename of the
    input file, and use it instead of @filename@ in the recipes for the
    generated enum files.
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