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    tools: add performance-log-related tools · d7c74a61
    Ell authored
    performance-log-expand.py decodes a delta-encoded performance log
    by expanding the deltas, producing a log where each sample (and
    other relevant elements) contain complete information.  Note that
    the structure of expanded logs is identical to that of delta-
    encoded logs, the expanded log simply has no deltas.
    performance-log-resolve.py resolves symbol information in
    backtraces.  The logs produced by GIMP only specify the program
    counter at each stack frame, providing an address-map to map
    program-counter addresses to actual symbols separately.  This tool
    looks up each program-counter address in the address map,
    incorporating the relevant symbol information directly into the
    Both tools read their input from STDIN, and write their output to
    STDOUT, and can be chained in a pipeline (with
    gimp-performance-log-expand.py appearing first).
    Note that these tools require Python 3.
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