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    plug-ins: implementation of the Freedesktop portal for screenshot. · 53a03b38
    Jehan authored
    I am told by the GNOME/Flatpak people that this is what we will
    ultimately need to implement. Basically this portal is supposed to work
    everywhere, in sandboxes (Flatpak, hopefully Snap too?), but also out
    of sandboxes, i.e. in GNOME and KDE, whether Wayland or X11. So that
    should be the unique API we will have to implement in the end, and every
    desktop environment/sandbox will need to implement this API (which is
    Apparently it is not part of default GNOME yet, but has to be installed
    separately (on Fedora, package is xdg-desktop-portal-gtk for GNOME and
    xdg-desktop-portal-kde for KDE).
    Now there are currently many shortcomings, and in particular, the
    screenshot API has apparently no advanced features (at all!). No window
    snap, no rectangular selection, no delaying, no choice on including
    cursor or decoration, nothing! Apparently this is normal that the API
    presents no feature, because "the API itself is not meant to specify the
    details how the screenshot is obtained. Instead the portal will present
    the user a dialog to take a screenshot, and that screenshot will be
    given back to the sandboxed app".
    This is acceptable behavior, except that currently, the dialog has none
    of the basic features so this is a very bad regression. This is why I
    test the freedesktop API last, which basically means it will likely
    never be actually used. That's on purpose. At least, the code is in and
    will be easy to improve later. Of course, when the Freedesktop portal
    for screenshot will finally be featureful, it is meant to be tested
    See: https://github.com/flatpak/xdg-desktop-portal/blob/master/data/org.freedesktop.portal.Screenshot.xml
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