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    app, tools: use the new gimp_print_stack_trace() to output the... · 8d2ae895
    Jehan authored
    ... stacktrace into a file on non-Win32 systems.
    This has a few advantages:
    - First, we don't need to duplicate stacktrace code inside the
      independent gimp-debug-tool (I even noticed that the version in the
      tool was gdb-only and not updated for lldb fallback; proof that code
      duplication is evil!). Instead, even on a crash, we can create the
      stacktrace from the main binary and simply pass it as a file.
    - Secondly, that allows to fallback to the backtrace() API even for
      crashes (this was not possible if the backtrace was done from a
      completely different process). That's nice because this makes that we
      will always get backtraces in Linux (even though backtrace() API is
      not as nice as gdb/lldb, it's better than nothing).
    - Finally this makes the code smaller (i.e. easier to maintain), more
      consistent and similar on all platforms.
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