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    app: GimpMotionBuffer API cleanup and refactoring · 3fbbb9b3
    Michael Natterer authored
    - start_stroke()/finih_stroke() -> begin_stroke()/end_stroke()
    - process_event_queue() -> process_stroke()
    - GimpMotionBuffer::motion() -> GimpMotionBuffer::stroke()
    - add GimpMotionBuffer::hover() and process_hover()
    - remove push_event_history() and pop_event_queue() from API
    The thing works like this:
    - Motion events are continuously fed into the buffer using motion_event()
    - begin_stroke()/end_stroke() correspond to BUTTON_PRESS/BUTTON_RELEASE,
      the period between them is a "stroke"
    - If motion_event() returns TRUE, we request "stroke" signals by calling
      process_stroke() and "hover" signals by calling process_hover()
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