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    Bug 722975 - crash when removing tag from palette while filtering by same tag · 7fca15c2
    Michael Natterer authored
    Each of the following cleans up tag refcounting, fixes access to
    released memory, or other small glitches. Not sure which change
    actually fixed the bug:
    gimp_data_remove_tag(): remove the found tag, not the passed in tag
    (which is to be treated only as a value for comparison).
    gimp_tagged_remove_tag(): don't continue the loop after the tag to
    remove has been found, there can only be one matching tag, and the
    list element has become invalid.
    gimptagentry.c: keep references around for the members of
    entry->common_tags, and make sure the references are always dropped
    properly. In assign_tags(), reference the "add" and "remove" lists for
    paranoia and safety reasons.
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