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    Move the Image Selection Menu to GimpDockWindow · 1bf84999
    Martin Nordholts authored
    Move the Image Selection Menu from GimpMenuDock to
    GimpDockWindow. That is, if a dock window contains many docks then
    they will share the same Image Selection Menu.
    To do this we need to move around quite a bit of code. Move the
    "context", "dialog-factory" and "ui-manager" properties from GimpDock
    to GimpToolbox, GimpMenuDock doesn't need it any longer. Turn the
    GimpDock getters for these properties into wrappers that go to the
    GimpDockWindow properties. In some places, most notably GimpToolbox
    construction, we use the GimpToolbox values of these properties, but
    most of the time it works fine to just use the GimpDockWindow
    properties. GimpDock::setup() and set/get_aux_info() have also been
    moved to GimpDockWindow since the only aux info for docks was for the
    image selection menu.
    Also, we don't bother porting gimp_menu_dock_destroy() to
    GimpDockWindow, but we leave the code around. If this is a problem, it
    will show.
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