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    app: add back helper features to output possible flags for GIMP_DEBUG. · 6bd43d73
    Jehan authored
    Since commit a427213f, the special glib value "help" does not work
    anymore as a helper (listing the list of available flags).
    This means that to use GIMP_DEBUG environment variable, one has to
    either know them all by heart or check the app/gimp-log.c file.
    This commit still leaves "help" as a normal flag for GIMP_LOG_HELP
    domain in GIMP, but creates instead "list-all" as the new helper value.
    Moreover as a fallback, setting a random value to GIMP_DEBUG with no
    valid flags in it will also output the list of available flags. This
    way, one doesn't even have to remember a specific string to obtain the
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