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    app: allow filter actions to have hardcoded default operation settings · adb826fb
    Michael Natterer authored
    by encoding them directly in the string attached to all filter
    actions. The code now supports both "gegl:some-operation" and
    "gegl:some-operation\n<serialized config>".
    Add "default_settings" to GimpGeglProcedure to store the settings of
    the invoking action, much like the "default_run_mode" member.
    Change filters-commands.c to parse the new operation string, create
    GimpGeglProcedures with the deserialized settings, and use those
    settings when the procedures are ran.
    Change the filter history to be smarter about what is already in the
    history, there can now be several different procedures with the same
    Remove the dilate and erode actions from the drawable group, and add
    them to filters, they are just special cases of value-propagate with
    fixed settings.
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