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    Bug 648776 - fixes symmetry painting after Massimo and Mitch's reviews. · 1f483928
    Jehan authored
    Use a GType for the PROP_SYMMETRY property of GimpImage, and create
    a default "identity" symmetry for an image.
    I still use a GimpIntComboBox but store the property value in the
    user-data column because gpointer isn't a subset of gint.
    Adds in libgimpwidgets:
    - gimp_int_combo_box_set_active_by_user_data()
    - gimp_int_combo_box_get_active_user_data()
    - gimp_int_store_lookup_by_user_data()
    - gimp_prop_pointer_combo_box_new() to create a GimpIntComboBox and
      attach it to a gpointer property.
    Thanks Massimo and Mitch for reviewing my code.
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