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    require glib-gettextize 2.16. · 73e717eb
    Sven Neumann authored
    2008-05-23  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
    	* autogen.sh (GLIB_REQUIRED_VERSION): require glib-gettextize 2.16.
    	* libgimp/libgimp-intl.h
    	* plug-ins/pygimp/pygimp-intl.h: synced with gi18n-lib.h from glib
    	2.16. This adds support for the C_() macro.
    	* plug-ins/script-fu/script-fu-intl.h: just include gi18n.h instead
    	of duplicating things from this header.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=25775
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