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    app: avoid dropping cached data when committing filters · 11629fde
    Ell authored
    In gimp_gegl_apply_cached_operation(), add a boolean
    connect_src_buffer parameter, which determines whether to connect
    the source buffer to the operation-node's input, or to use its
    existing input.  In gimp_drawable_merge_filter(), pass FALSE for
    connect_src_buffer, so that the existing filter-node input is used.
    This produces an equivalent result, however, it avoids invalidating
    the filter node, and dropping cached data as a result.  In
    operations that cache larger areas than the ROI, this avoids
    reprocessing already-cached data when processing the rest of the
    Additionally, in gimp_gegl_apply_cached_operation(), use an empty
    input for the operation if src_buffer is NULL and
    connect_src_buffer is TRUE; previously, we'd use the operation-
    node's existing input when src_buffer was NULL.  Furthermore, crop
    the operation-node's input to the destination rect when crop_input
    is TRUE, even if connect_src_buffer is FALSE.
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