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    */Makefile.am: work around a bug in the new glib-genmarshal · 0ef3795f
    Ell authored
    glib-genmarshal was rewritten in glib 2.53.4, and as of now (2.53.6)
    it has a bug where it unconditionally generates marshaler bodies,
    even for standard marshalers, even with --stdinc.  This causes
    libgimpwidgets to define and export g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__INT()
    and g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__OBJECT(), which upsets defcheck, and
    breaks the build.
    Work around this for now by using --header --body when generating
    the marshal.c files, which includes the prototypes in the source,
    instead of including the header ourselves.  This is the only code
    path where the new glib-genmarshal doesn't generate bodies for
    standard marshalers.  Note, however, that this usage is deprecated,
    so we'll probably want to change it back once it's fixed.
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