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Draft: Link layer

Jehan requested to merge wip/Jehan/link-layers-multi into master

Only pushing this here so that it's public somewhere (and preventing the bus factor bug). It's still very much work-in-progress and in demo state only (current code is what we see in this video demo:

Right now, it only allows to:

  • load images as link layers;
  • links are stored/loaded in XCF files;
  • see the changes in linked files and auto-update the render;
  • when a link layer is changed, it is demoted to raster layer, but can always be re-promoted to link layer (losing destructive changes added so far);
  • when a layer is scaled with the "Scale Layer" dialog, the layer is re-rendered to be always sharp (this seems to be my last "WIP" commit, so even this is only as good as demo code is).

What needs to happen:

  • Finish the "Scale Layer" commit currently titled "WIP";
  • Make the Scale Tool also scale link layers non-destructively;
  • Make the Rotation Tool also rotate link layers non-destructively;
  • Better GUI;
  • Handle the absolute/relative path problematics (probably allowing to choose how to store links, though defaulting to relative path?).

I have rebased but am not planning to finish this or even read the code before GIMP 3.0.0. Hopefully we can make GIMP 3.0.2 to be about having new types of non-destructive layers, with link layers and vector layers.

See also #453.

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