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Draft: Issue #282: Implement vector layers from GSoC 2006

Alx Sa requested to merge alxsa-vector-layers-2006 into master

This patch attempts to provide a 2.99/3.0 compatible version of the 2006 GSoC vector layer code. It builds on the work done by Hendrik Boom, Martin Nordholts, Gilles Rochefort, and @Wormnest (!551). This patch implements and updates all 12 patches linked in #282. This includes the code developed in !551 as well as an undo system and other minor edits.

The 2006 workflow is as follows:

  • Create path(s) with the Path Tool
  • Choose "Path to Vector Layer" option in the Path Tool GUI
  • Right-click on "Fill/Stroke Layer" option in layer menu
  • Make fill/stroke changes and apply
  • Continue altering path and fill/stroke settings as needed
  • (Optionally) Convert to regular layer with "Discard vector layer information" option.

Video demonstrating some of the vecter layer features:


This patch is intended for initial community review and feedback - while the code now works, there are likely many changes needed for the 2006 vector layers to be acceptable for inclusion in GIMP. I will post my own observations and questions in a comment below.

NOTE: The undo code for the vector layers fails if GLIB 2.74 is installed due to a known glitch (similar to the issue with editing text layers). You need to have GLIB 2.74.1 or downgrade to a version that doesn't have that glitch.

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