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Converting CMYK sample points to babl + profile

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Attempts to fix several issues related to CMYK support in GimpColorFrames:

  1. Internally, switches the color conversion code to use babl rather than gimp_color_transform_process_pixels ()

  2. Now reacts to changes in the Soft-Proofing profile set in the View menu. "Preferred CMYK Profile" in Preferences is still used if no CMYK soft-proof profile is set in the View Menu. See a video of it in action here.

  3. Now displays the current active profile (or "No Profile" if none selected) as another label in the GimpColorFrame

  4. Now has consistent output scales when a CMYK profile is active versus when it isn't (Previously, applying a color profile would divide the values by 100; see this comment for an example)

As some of these changes require GimpColorFrame to be aware of the user context, small changes are also made to GimpSamplePointEditor, GimpColorPicker, and GimpCursorView to pass the context into GimpColorFrame when they create it.

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